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Besides being an illegal modification, removal of a catalytic converter is just as likely to decrease horsepower as it is to increase it. It's true that most original equipment converters create enough exhaust system backpressure to adversely affect performance so a straight pipe in place of a catalytic converter would appear to be the optimum configuration for maximum power.

But appearences are often deceiving. Computerized engine management systems are precisely calibrated to deliver optimum performance with an exhaust system that offers some amount backpressure. When backpressure is all but eliminated, air/fuel mixtures can easily become too lean to allow an engine to produce maximum power.Reestablishing optimum air/fuel ratios requires a custom computer calibration, altered fuel pressure or both.

Each vehicle has its own unique computer controlled air/fuel calibration so each responds somewhat differently to removal of a catalytic converter. Consequently, removal of a converter can result in a performance gain, a performance loss or no change at all. The question is, why contribute to dirty air and risk of a potential fine? Installation of a Super High Flow catalytic converter will allow an engine to produce maximum power while remaining emissions legal.

Exhaust system tuning is another phenomenon that impacts power output. In some dyno tests highly modified engines have actually produced slightly MORE horsepower with Random Technology SuperStainless converters than with an open exhaust - even though air/fuel ratio was optimized for each test. This unexcpected bonus is the result of the same tuning effect achieved with tubular headers of a specific length. Installation of a catalytic converter in a full length open exhaust pipe defines the "end" of that pipe, effectively shortening it. The resulting impact on exhaust system acoustic waves and resonance can actually improve efficiency thereby resulting in a slight, but measurable power increase.

Obviously, your milage and horsepower may vary, but the point to remember is by using high efficiency catalytic converters, an engine will produce maximum power while remaining emissions legal.

Random Technology offers four distinct types of SHF catalytic converters;

7000 Series - These converters incorporate the latest technology, including a Metal Matrix instead of a ceramic substrate (core) and advanced washcoat formulation. Metal Matrix cores, having thinner walls than ceramic versions offer maximum flow capacity, and are comparatively small. Random Tech offers:

3" diameter Metal Matrix converters that are 9-5/8" long (pre-cats) 

4" diameter Metal Matrix converters that are 10-1/2" long 

5" diameter converters that are 13-1/2" long 

6" diameter diesel converters that are 16-1/2" long. (All lengths include end tubes.)
Custom sizes up to 16" in diameter are available for a variety of applications (gasoline, diesel, LPG-fueled engines and non-automotive applications).

9000 Series - designed primarely for V8 and high performance 6-cylinder engines, they offer the highest air flow capacity of any ceramic-core catalytic converter. Available with inlet and outlet diameters up to 3", 9000 series converter bodies are 13" long, 7-3/4" wide and 4-1/4" thick. Universal models have an overall length (including end tubes) of 17".

8000 Series - ideally suited to 4- and 6-cylinder and dual converter V8 engines, 8000 series converters are extremely efficient. Available with inlet diameters up to 3", 8000 series converter bodies are 10" long, 6-1/2" wide and 4" thick. Universal models have an overall length (including end tubes) of 14".

8100 Bullet Series - designed for vehicles with severe space limitations, Random Technology Bullet converters are 4" in diameter and 8" long. Universal models have an overall length (including end tubes) of 11-1/2" and inlet/outlet diameters yup to 3".

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